Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday was a Bright Day, Yesterday

What a day it was, Sunday.

I begin the day with my sister waking me up, for there was someone on the phone for me. On asking who was it, she shouted "Some Major [aa... sound]", I thought she meant Major uncle, so I shouted back at her to redirect to phone to Dad, sure it would be for him, right? But she insisted 'twas for me. So anyway I meekly murmur a hullo into the phone, "Hi Rahul, This is Major Ankur Shrivastav, Remember me?" Wow! The last I met this guy was in 2002 when I was in Pune, and he was heading to [somewhere near] Srinagar, the normal approximate location as these Army guys tell ya. And then he was a fresh officer, a Lieutinent, posted in a sensitive area after education and Training at Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), National Defence Academy (NDA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), and Young Officer's (YO) course at Nashik. Well, as it may be evident, I am very proud of and in awe of this guy. He is a perfect embodiment of the military way of life strengthening you to take on anything. Anything.

"You're alive!" exclaimed I, he had told me that in Srinagar (and may be all sensitive areas) the militants and the army across the border "will know about Lieutinent Srivastav reaching there, days before he arrives"! "Alive and Kicking!", said he. "Kicking some Pakistani Butt!" was my insensitive joke. I am ashamed at this wrong usage of language, I actually meant "Pakistani Butts"! No offence to people like us on the other side of the border, I hate the self styled jehadis, and I agree with Rashmi's post. "Very glad to connect and will be in touch now, you take care", my closing sentence.

Then, I went to meet my senior from college and Infosys, Vipula Mehta who married another senior from college and a fellow geek from Cel-Pec, Nikhil Goel. The couple is now based out of Singapore, and it was glad to hear about the Singaporean way of life. More so, since I've been contemplating an MBA from NUS for sometime now (Budget budget ki baat hai!).

Then, out of nowhere I was strong on meeting my Math teacher from School, Jaswant Singh, the typical embodiment of a hard task master. I met him after 9 years! I took A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash, and To Sir, with Love for him. Hope he likes them!

Talking to Sir about people from our class of 1996 was fun. I hunted down and contacted Shantanu Jindal, Gaurav Suri, and Shivani Passi, all classmates from school. Awesome!

And if this wasn't enough of a good sunday, I ended the day with "a heavy icing"! Talked to Anantesh Verma, buddy from Infosys, Pune and Mohali. I told him how I spent my Sunday, so he was the one who volunteerly offered his [humble] self, "so I'm the icing on the cake, a heavy one!". :)

All in all, a great Sunday, for old time sakes!

Sunday was a bright day yesterday... (borrowing the first and the only relevant line from Moby's beautifully rendered, "The Day Before My Birthday". Btw, its my sister's birthday today. Silly funny co-incidences!)


Anonymous said...

The article is nice but why did you write all was all so pretty routine. I understand you must be feeling special about it, but why do you think one should read it(or not read it). Is there any message that you are trying to position over????

Rahul said...

@Anonymous: Why should someone care to reply to another who choses to be anonymous?

That apart, this is my space, I write about what I feel, this is not a propaganda machine where I try to position messages to the masses.

If you've ever met someone after years, you would know. Even if you don't, please visit again.

मिर्ची सेठ said...

Small world.. The dude your senior married is a very close friend of mine. Got to visit them while they are on that little island.

BTW how about an MBA from INSEAD, another fellow ex-CEL-mate is doing that. You got to enjoy SG as well as FR while studing business :D and they say never mix business with pleasure.

I am enjoying the increased zombie activity on this site, keep it up.


Roshnikanta said...

By chance I also happened to be from Rashtriya Indian military college(RIMC) and in NDA right now. Plz let me know more about this Major shrivastav.