Saturday, October 29, 2005

Getting Old

My time has come. It was inevitable. Blame it on brilliance. And some on elegance too. Okay, before you think I've totally lost it, I meant that I'm (for the nth time) revelling in the beauty of old hindi songs, a la Mohd. Rafi. It is interesting that about 10 years ago I would get irritated by these things, and here I am, a total chameleon, appreciating every bit of those. Take this one for example:

Chuu lene do naazuk honthon ko
Kuch aur nahin hai jaam hai yeh

Kudrat ne jo humko baksha hai
Woh sabse haseen inaam hai yeh

Sharmaakar na yuhin kho dena rangeen jawaani ki ghadiyan
Betaab dharakte seeno ka armaan bharaa paigaam hai yeh

Acho ko bura saabit karna duniya ki puraani aadat hai
Is mai ko mubaarak cheez samajh, maana ke bahut badnaam hai yeh

Andaaz-e-guftgoo par gaur farmaaiye janaab!

Guess, growing old is accepting the past to be golden. Is it a compromise or lack of a contemporary identity? Whatever, revel in it as long as you can, who knows when you get old :)


drsundeep said...

No, I don't think u r growing old! When u wrote that the same thing irritated u 10 years back, but now u like the same thing, u r unconsciously acecpting that ur perception of life is changing. I also went thru' the same phase as does everyone else. I used to like racy english numbers, new hindi songs, Pop, disco etc. But over the years my tastes have changed to ghazals, classical music old songs etc.
Its also possible that you may be IN LOVE ! Love does strange things to you.

Rahul said...

@ drsundeep: True, Love does strange things to people, but, in my case anticipation of loves does WEIRD things!

Bad jokes apart, I do agree that being in love gives one a very different perspective about everything, and music is no exception. Love is an energizer! Love is the secret of my energy (or maybe, more approriately, lack of love is the secret of lack of my energy!)

मिर्ची सेठ said...


What is going on. I think time to ask Mom and All the Aunties of the world to find a "Suitable Girl".

Plus I don't want you pay special attention to "इस मय को मुबारत चीज समझ, माना कि बहुत बदनाम है यह"


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