Monday, November 28, 2005

Quoted in Mumbai Mirror

My post Enterprise and Flying Adventure was quoted by Mumbai Mirror, in the section Blogger's views! This is amusing since I never went and linked my blog, they did it themselves. Thats fine.

I'm not going to start a copyright violation or whatever thingy, like Rashmi did. I think as long as people who are quoting you say that they're quoting you, its fine.

Infact, Siliconeer, a Silicon Valley based magazine wanted to cover my engineering project, Deepti. After a brief intro email, and a few questions, they disappeared. That month they featured the project as cover story - a senior walking down a San Jose street saw the magazine and called to ask if I was the same "Rahul Jindal"! The Siliconeer guys had marked the "story" as authored by me! A large part of the content was taken from the project website (earlier at, but I think that is fine, as long as they're crediting the author (me in this case) and driving the point (the content) home.

Funny as it is, even though I work as an Intellectual Property (which includes copyright) Analyst, I'm open-source when it comes to myself :)


Kanishk | कनिष्क said...

Congratulations for being featured in Mumbai Mirror and also in Siliconeer. So fianlly Deepti came into limelight...ur dream...ur B.E. project is coming to life !! Anything new in that front...any plans for commercialization ???

Rohit Kumar said...

Sweeet :-)