Thursday, July 06, 2006

B-Theory Quotes

In accordance with the B-Theory (topic of another post), I am building a repository of junk quotes, which I think are originally attributable to me! ;-)

So here goes:
1. When the going gets tough, look at the compliment set.
2. My life is like my lips, rosy but useless.
3. We must have a life separate from love. We don't understand the beast. Just as we don't know how it comes, we don't know how it leaves us.
4. Drawing parallels is the new wrapper from the house of brilliance.
5. A life spent with music, books and being nice is a life well spent.
6. Chivalry is a Bombay import.
7. Most of the world operates at a sub-optimal level, global maxima exists mostly in theory.
8. Driving on Noida roads is akin to taking a step closer to a complete disbelief in the goodness of mankind.
9. It is possible to be a hypocrite and not even know that you are one.
10. In north India, there are no traffic rules - only car sizes.
11. You can never shop enough, can you woman?
12. If First me, then you then Fuck You.

13. Collective Responsibility is the single most potent way to screw a task and make sure it won't get done as well as it can be done.
14. Haramkhori on the Corporate's expense is a tribute to the spirit of our overworked, underpaid, overtaxed friends. It is akin to orgasm for single wo/men.
15. I asked God for "Fire in my belly". He said Amen. Now, I am a premium customer of Digene. 16. When I was young, my parents asked God to make me a good kid. Then, time froze.
17. It is tough to find love, with good girls 'affection assymetry' comes into play.
18. I have started spelling it as assid. (For The Duh, it = acid)
19. The mediocre don't even sin well or enough.
20. Suddenly, life is a bitch again.
21. If everyone's friend is "THE BEST" or "THE COOLEST" or "THE DUDE" why is the world still such a suckey place?
22. I am so ordinary that it took me 25 years to even realize that I am so.
23. I think assholes are born not made.
24. I never regret about the things I say, I only regret about the things I don't say.
25. Stupid is what stupid asks.
26. Pray to God but keep oiling the hair.
27. All it takes is a stingray to kill a Steve Irwin :( [New]


Rajan said...


Good to know about your work on Deepti at IIIT. When were you in IIIT, I moved out from there in 2003.

Anjali said...

Hmmm ... I agree completely with number 5. And disagree mildly with 2. Lips are useless? A trip to the dentist should correct that misapprehension, I'm sure. Try talking, eating, drinking and - importantly - not drooling, with lips that are anesthesized.

What, by the way, is B-theory?

Nikhilesh Ghushe said...

Good to know B-theory is far from dead. And the post reminded me of this one:
Woman moron, intelligent woman oxymoron.

And now i'm searching for a blog that reminds me of 'sili hawa choo gayi'. *sigh*

Kanishk | कनिष्क said...

the last one was best.....looks like..from the depth of ur heart :)

Anonymous said...

Comeon ! Most of them are far from B theory