Wednesday, March 01, 2006


No, this isn't only a lower middle class B. Tech. lingo, it is also an absolutely fabulous composition from my new favorite Jazz man, Eugene Groove. Tune in to Narada Radio for the allegedly love-making song! Also, few samples on the MSN Radio.

Others that I have absolutely loved are:

Euge Groove - Get 'em going
Gabriela Anders - Go to my head, Abracadabra
Brenda Russel - When you're coming back to me
Molly Johnson - Melody
Jeff Lorber - Flipside
DeeDee Bridgewater - Watermelon man
Jason Miles - Sexual Healing
Ozzie Ahlers - Night on the town
Down to the bone - I'll always hold you close
Incognito - Will I ever learn?



Rohit Kumar said...

Germans are absolutely comfortable with such morphing of words.

Makes me re-realize the Aryan similarity we bear to them, in particular due to our languages.

Rahul said...

There is similarity no doubt. Check this link (The Hymn of Creation). Max Muller has translated this hymn to English. Thus, even if the link is not too old, there does exist something between the descendants of the Aryans, geography notwithstanding.